Helping people start companies

Tired of the corporate world? Can't stand the egocentric and largely unprofitable startup fairytale? Perhaps we can help you build a business that is not only profitable, but makes a real dent in the world.

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Because the corporate world has little morality, while the startup world chases fairytales.

Neither of which are helping us achieve that which we believe is the key - "unity".

The more unified the world is, the better. We are starting by creating an organization that truly unifies everyone involved, while building profitable businesses.

The easiest way to change the system is from the inside.


We are what in the industry is known as a "venture builder". However, there is a twist.

Our businesses are validated in the market before a single line of code is written, our teams are matched using psychometric analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, and we intend to kill-off our businesses as fast as we create them.

This way, we can rapidly experiment with team dynamics, while building businesses.

Most importantly - we are all in the same boat. Everyone in the program has equity in all of the projects, as well as in the overall Earthians organization. We are in it together.

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